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Shockwave Therapy:

Shock waves are short, intense energy waves that move through your tissues imparted by a machine using a specialized head. It is a high intensity treatment that improves the healing process of your body by re-setting your body's healing mechanisms. Have you had pain that just isn't going away, even if its been over a year? Sometimes this means your body's natural healing mechanisms are no longer working. Shockwave can give this system a kick-start to get you back on the path to recovery! 

Laser Therapy: 

Laser therapy (or Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation), is a form of therapeutic modality that uses a specific wavelength of light (usually a red laser light) at a specific power level that helps stimulate wound healing and pain relief. It does this through something called photobiostimulation where certain cells in the tissues actually absorb the energy from the laser to help heal tissue and reduce pain. Think of it like a sunburn (where your body absorbs energy from UV light), except at a much different intensity that is beneficial for your body rather than harmful. However unlike a sunburn, it is pain-free and has been shown to be effective in healing wounds faster than without!

Electro-therapy (IFC, TENS, NMES): (interferential current, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, and neuromuscular electrical stimulation)

Electrical stimulation has been used for pain relief for some time. It helps through stimulating your bodies natural pain relieving systems (endorphin release and neurotransmitter release). This therapy is pain-free, and can help reduce your pain while your injury continues to improve and heal.


Acuscope is a form of electro-therapy that reads the tissue current levels, and then sends a very mild current back into the tissues, with the goal of bringing the targeted tissue back to it's appropriate level. It can help reduce your pain, reduce the size and intensity of trigger points in your muscles, and help by breaking up scar tissue to help with your recovery. 


Ultrasound therapy uses targeted sound wave to stimulate healing in an area of the body. It works as the sound waves create small gaseous bubbles in the tissue that attract blood flow to the area as well as your bodies healing substances (otherwise known as macrophages and neutrophils). It is pain free and can help speed up your bodies natural healing. 

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