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Insurance Coverage: Fascial Stretch Therapy is provided by Aiden Young Registered Kinesiologist.

Please check your insurance coverage as many plans will cover kinesiology services.

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Session types: All sessions are one on one individualized care. We are focused only on you for the whole session. We offer direct billing with almost all insurers, but make sure to inquire with your insurance company regarding your specific policy.

Fascial stretch therapy: 30, 45, 60, or 90 minute sessions.

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) is a unique table-based assisted stretching therapy that works on the body’s fascia and joint capsules to help lengthen, realign and reorganize your fascia through a gentle, pain-free approach to help you feel less restricted in all areas of movement. FST can be incorporated into a massage therapy session or offered as a stand-alone treatment to optimize your flexibility and increase your range of motion. It also works extremely well in conjunction with other therapies such as, physiotherapy and chiropractic care.


How is FST different from other stretch and massage therapies?

Besides targeting tissue, it involves some very light client participation. FST is an assisted stretching technique performed by a Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist with the client on a treatment table. When assisted stretching takes place on the treatment table, comfortable straps are used to stabilize the limb or part of the body that is not being worked on, thus facilitating complete relaxation of the person being stretched and enhancing the effectiveness of the actions of the therapist. While it is assisted stretching, the fascial stretch therapists provide occasional instructions for clients to lightly contract and fully relax muscles to help restore the natural movement of the muscles, fascia and joint capsule.

Benefits of Fascial Stretch Therapy

  • Pain-free therapy

  • Improve athletic performance

  • Increase flexibility

Improve posture, balance, and mobility

  • Improving energy levels

  • Decrease stress and anxiety

  • Decrease joint, muscle, and nerve pain

  • Reduce risk of injury

What can I expect in a treatment?

FST is provided without the use of any lotions or oils, and the client fully clothed; preferably comfortable, loose fitted clothing, such as work-out gear or stretchy yoga pants.

While you are lying on the table, the therapist will move your body and limbs into various positions of stretch. You will be guided through a sequence of cued breathing while contracting and relaxing your muscles as the therapist gently increases the stretch. This, coupled with the breathing patterns and low strength output, enhances the effectiveness of the stretches and actions of the therapist creating greater flexibility than you might achieve on your own.

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