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The Super Sophia Project

This year at Christmas, we are pleased to be teaming up with the Super Sophia Project. This program helps make Christmas special for children who have to spend it in the hospital. We will be collecting unwrapped toys in our large toy box set up here in the clinic for anyone who wishes to help with donations. We will then take the toys/items donated and make up several age appropriate boxes to donate to the children in hospitals. Kids who are unable to come home from the hospital for Christmas will be able to enjoy opening gifts on Christmas morning with their families. These love boxes are created for age groups from NICU through to 18 years of age and can be anything from toys, games, colouring books, cards, clothing, books, music, sports paraphernalia, jewelry, gift cards, art supplies, make up etc.

Sophia was a young girl diagnosed with leukemia a month before she turned two. She is now 8 years old and started Project Love Box as her own way of giving back and helping children cope when they are in the hospital. Her parents have helped support her throughout this project as well.

Thank you very much for helping make this Christmas special for them!

For more information, check out The Super Sophia project facebook, instagram, or at their website at:

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