A lot of people think that that the majority of what physiotherapists do is hands-on therapy or different modalities (like ultrasound, laser therapy, or acupuncture), but the majority of what we do is empower people to get better on their own with proper education, exercises and self management tools. 

Tele-rehabilitation is the use of technology to have video communication and contact with you to assess and treat your injury (yes treat!) Through observation, targeted questioning, movement assessment, and some special tests, we are able to come up with a diagnosis and recommendations on how to help improve your injury. We educate you on the structures involved, teach you how to reduce strain on these structures or slowly build load through them to help the injury recover. These sessions will almost always involve the prescription of exercises you can work on at home to help eliminate your symptoms. Many insurance companies are changing their policies to allow for direct billing and coverage for tele-rehabilitation services, because they see the benefits associated with continuing to provide patient care, even when hands-on treatments are not possible. 

With the prolongation of social distancing measures, our clinic is initiating video visits now! We strongly believe in its effectiveness, but if you are hesitant, let us know! Ask us questions, ask if you may benefit from it, ask for a 15 minute discovery session to see if you feel it may be helpful for you. 

We look forward to working with you as we develop this system and continue to help out in our community during this unprecedented time!

For further research and information, check out: Real-time telerehabilitation for the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions is effective and comparable to standard practice: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Cottrell, et al. Clinical Rehabilitation 2017, Vol. 31(5) 625–638

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